“To grant club members the opportunity to learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) skills through hands-on experience with robots and their components. To experience the organization and teamwork required to design, build and enter into the FIRST competition. To perform with joy, professionalism, and excellence.”


Our leaders are chosen to direct the Harker Robotics team toward success.

Technical President

Rahul Goyal

VP of Mechanical

Puneet Nayyar

VP of Software

Finn Frankis

VP of Design

Christopher Leafstrand

VP of Electronics

Sanjay Rajasekharan

Executive President

Joel Manning

Operations President

Rithvik Panchapakesan

VP of Website Design

David Melisso

VP of Media & PR

Arthur Jakobsson

VP of Outreach

Hari Bhimaraju